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Relæ: A Book of Ideas par Christian F. Puglisi ont été vendues pour chaque exemplaire. Le livre publié par . Il contient 448 pages et classé dans le genre Professional Cooking. Ce livre a une bonne réponse du lecteur, il a la cote 3.7 des lecteurs 509. Inscrivez-vous maintenant pour accéder à des milliers de livres disponibles pour téléchargement gratuit. L’inscription était gratuite.

Description du livre: Chef Christian F. Puglisi opened restaurant Relæ in 2010 on a rough, run-down stretch of one of Copenhagen’s most crime-ridden streets. His goal was simple: to serve impeccable, intelligent, sustainable, and plant-centric food of the highest quality—in a setting that was devoid of the pretention and frills of conventional high-end restaurant dining. Relæ was an immediate hit, and Puglisi’s “to the bone” ethos—which emphasized innovative, substantive cooking over crisp white tablecloths or legions of water-pouring, napkin-folding waiters—became a rallying cry for chefs around the world. Today the Jægersborggade—where Relæ and its more casual sister restaurant, Manfreds, are located—is one of Copenhagen’s most vibrant and exciting streets. And Puglisi continues to excite and surprise diners with his genre-defying, wildly inventive cooking. Relæ is Puglisi’s much-anticipated debut: like his restaurants, the book is honest, unconventional, and challenges our expectations of what a cookbook should be. Rather than focusing on recipes, the core of the book is a series of interconnected “idea essays,” which reveal the ingredients, practical techniques, and philosophies that inform Puglisi’s cooking. Each essay is connected to one (or many) of the dishes he serves, and readers are invited to flip through the book in whatever sequence inspires them—from idea to dish and back to idea again. The result is a deeply personal, utterly unique reading experience: a rare glimpse into the mind of a top chef, and the opportunity to learn the language of one of the world’s most pioneering and acclaimed restaurants.From the Hardcover edition..  

Détails sur le produit – Si vous avez décidé de trouver ou lire ce livre, ci-dessous sont des informations sur le détail de Relæ: A Book of Ideas pour votre référence.

Le Titre Du Livre : Relæ: A Book of Ideas
Vendu par : ()
Editeur : Christian F. Puglisi
Langue : Anglais
Livre Format : Ebook Kindle
Nombre de pages : 448 pages
Genre : Professional Cooking
Nom de fichier : relæ-a-book-of-ideas.pdf
La taille du fichier : 2864 KB


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Relæ: A Book of Ideas Ebook Gratuit Livre – (PDF, EPUB, KINDLE)
Relæ: A Book of Ideas Télécharger PDF


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